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The Springhouse!

Step into The Springhouse and you are stepping into a rare-to-find venue which opened in 1950, steeped in history where household names once graced the stages, entertaining the people of Corringham and attracting many from further afield, and where today stars of stage and screen continue to perform and entertain.

Among these great performers, were Jon Pertwee (then a vaudeville comedian who later played Dr Who and was well known for his role as Worzel Gummidge) and the Bonzo Dog Doodah band, honing their craft on their way to fame and fortune. Others that always drew a crowd included Chas ‘n’ DaveRoger de Courcey and Jimmy Jones.

The Springhouse maintains the tradition of bringing the local community together; a place where neighbours, friends and families gather together in a safe, friendly environment to enjoy all that is on offer just as thousands have before them.

Previously known as The Shell Club (due to it then being owned by Shell UK Limited) this special club opened in March 1950 to provide social and recreation facilities to employees of the Shell Haven Refinery in Corringham. Decades of memories have been made here.

In 1999, after 80 years in operation, the Shell refinery closed and Shell’s involvement and investment in the club dwindled until, in 2007, a letter was sent to the Club members advising them that the club was to be sold, potentially to property developers which would have seen an end to this historic venue.

Thankfully, the outcome was the club being sold as a going concern in December 2008 to a new company with strong links to the Club and Corringham. The Shell Club then became The Springhouse, keeping many of its traditions alive, but also moving with the times.

A testament to the members’ love for the club, many of the 2,500 members from 2007/2008 are still members to this day, citing its importance to the community.

Members of The Springhouse enjoy the facilities and a whole host of activities, events and activities including:

If you would like to find out more about becoming a member of The Springhouse social club, please either visit our How to Join page or Contact Us.

Did you know...

The Springhouse was used as a venue for the filming of episodes of The Keith and Paddy Picture Show and White Gold.

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